UnitedHealthcare announced early this month that they will continue to provide affordable Medicare Advantage plans for their members, despite funding cuts within the Medicare program. Medicare Advantage plans are popular Medicare plans that not only help qualifying Medicare participants afford their healthcare needs, but Advantage plans also help participants pay for expenses prescription medications.
More than 40 million Americans who are enrolled in the Medicare program can opt into a Medicare Advantage plan to pay for their medical expenses. The UnitedHealthcare Medicare plans may help participants pay for expenses that are not covered by traditional Medicare plans, such as illness prevention and disease management programs.
In addition to the continuation of existing Medigap plans, United Healthcare will expand its zero-premium Medicare Part D coverage options to qualifying members in 27 available regions. Currently in 2009, this coverage option is only available in 25 of the 34 Medicare regions. In order to qualify for this particular coverage option, participants need to meet a low-income requirement.
Heads up: there are some important dates to remember if you want to change your Medicare plan or enroll in Medicare for the first time. Beginning next month on November 15, 2009, Medicare participants can enroll in the United Healthcare Advantage plan and Part D plan for the following year. This open enrollment period will last until December 31, 2009. In order to make any changes to their Medigap accounts for the coming year, participants need to make changes during the open enrollment period.
What are some of the benefits to enrolling in a UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage plan for 2010? For one, most of these plans do not have monthly premiums associated with them. They also may not have out-of-pocket costs for annual physicals and preventative screenings. By taking advantage of both of these benefits, the average consumer may save $82 per month, when compared against traditional Medicare plans. Keep in mind that approximately half of all Medicare Advantage participants have incomes of less than $20,000, so this monthly savings really does make a big impact in their financial situations.
Are you looking for information about Medicare Advantage or Plan D programs that may help you save hundreds of dollars a year? For help finding the best Medicare Advantage or Plan D options for you, contact Medigap Advisors at 866-323-1441.


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