Senior DiscountsIt may be hard to believe, but there are thousands of discounts available to older adults – ranging from restaurants and airlines, to department stores and coffee shops. These discounts can vary from a mere 10 percent to upwards of 25 percent and typically vary by day of the week. How can you get these savings?
If you’re wondering whether or not the store, restaurant or company you frequent offers discounts for older adults, simply ask or check their website. Chances are they offer some sort of discount. This can end up saving you hundreds of dollars per year! These discounts typically apply to those 55 and up, but age requirements vary.
Where Can I Save as an Older Adult?
Did you know that some of our most popular restaurants offer discounts to older adults including Applebee’s, Carrabba’s Italian Grill, Dunkin’ Donuts, Papa John’s and Outback Steakhouse? There are many others that participate – so be sure to ask!
Airlines, hotels and grocery stores also offer discounts for older adults. In addition popular retail stores such as Kohl’s and Dress Barn choose to participate. Did you know you can even scarf up discounts on haircuts and cell phone plans? There are also online shopping rebate programs. Entertainment venues including movie theaters and amusement parks also keep older adults young at heart with generous discounts.
Beyond this long list of savings, be sure to take advantage of the many benefits Medigap Advisors has to offer you. These include discounts for imaging services, identity theft protection, lab fee discounts, free will preparation, and prescription discounts cards. Check out our comprehensive list by visiting our additional benefits page.
Do you have questions about where to locate senior discounts? What other questions do you have that we can answer for you?