Medicare Supplement Insurance (also known as Medigap Insurance) can pay for expenses that Medicare doesn’t cover. When you have Medicare and a Medigap Plan, both pay their share of covered health care costs.Nearly 10 million seniors have enrolled in Medicare Supplement Plans, and American Viewpoint conducted a national telephone survey of 500 Medicare enrollees who purchased Medigap Plans.
The survey showed that more than three-fourths (77 percent) of those participating in the survey said Medicare Supplement Plans provide “excellent” or “good value” for their money. Eighty-seven percent would recommend Medigap to a friend or relative. They liked most that their Medigap Insurance allows them to see the doctor of their choice, provides financial security and peace of mind, and makes it easier to deal with medical bills and paperwork.
Medicare Supplement Insurance is available to anyone enrolled in Part A and B of Medicare. There is an open enrollment period for the first six months after you turn age 65, in which you do not need to qualify or answer any questions about your medical history.
At MediGap Advisors, we pride ourselves on helping you get into the right Medicare Supplement Plan at the best price we can find, and we make the process easy and hassle-free. We only represent the highest-rated companies, including Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana One, Mutual of Omaha, UnitedHealthcare, and others. Use our simple Medigap “How To” Guide to compare plans and get signed up, or call us at 866-323-1441. Our friendly advisors will answer all of your questions, and make signing up simple. We have evening and weekend telephone appointment times available for your convenience, too.'

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