If you are serious about planning your best possible retirement, you need to prepare for major medical expenses. It’s not too different from buying auto insurance. We all hope that we never need to use the insurance, but we’ve got to be protected from a crushing debt to be on the safe side.
It may be ok that Medicare does not cover every medical service when you’re pretty healthy, but what’s going to happen if you get really sick?  Medicare Supplement Insurance, also known as Medigap, offers you 10 different Medigap policies to keep Medicare’s out-of-pocket expenses at bay.  With 10 options, you can get the coverage you need without paying for benefits you don’t need.
For example, if you had hoped to travel during retirement, be aware that Medicare won’t pay a dime for emergency medical care while traveling abroad. Depending on the Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan you select, you can get a lot of protection while you vacation.  If you don’t plan on visiting foreign places, save money by choosing a Medigap Plan without that coverage.  With a choice of 10 Medigap Plans, you can pick and choose the benefits you need.
As long as you’re relatively healthy, you’ll be able to change plans whenever your situation requires a different set of benefits. But, since it’s hard to predict the future, we recommend you get all of the basic coverage you might need while you are in good health.  Without a Medigap Supplement, you may find out far too quickly how the gaps in Medicare’s coverage can pile up into out-of-control health care bills. Run our instant quotes, use our online application system and get the coverage you need to keep your health care costs under control.

Wiley Long is founder and president of Medigap Advisors, and is passionate about helping people navigate the confusing waters of Medicare. He is the author of The Medicare Playbook: Designing Your Successful Health Coverage Strategy, a clear and simple explanation so you can make the most of your Medicare coverage. For more information visit www.MediGapAdvisors.com.