Looking for a convenient way to get more exercise?

It may be easier than you think to get together with people your own age who share the same health concerns and goals that you do.

SilverSneakers is a nationwide program that provides fitness center memberships — you pay nothing beyond your Medigap plan premiums.  If you’re looking for Medigap insurance, check with us to be sure the plan you’re considering offers this fun, healthy benefit.  Have a Medigap plan that doesn’t give you the SilverSneakers advantage?  Call us to see if you can change plans to participate in SilverSneakers.

What Our Clients Think of SilverSneakers

To give you an example of how thrilled our clients have been with SilverSneakers, listen to what this couple experienced:  “Through our AARP Medigap, Butch received a card called SilverSneakers that gives him access to four local exercise gyms.  At no additional cost!  He can visit any or all, as many times as he wants.  He can also use it at other places if we are on vacation.  Quite a nice little bonus, as membership to one gym is $240 a year!!  Also, if you are a female, it includes Curves!!”

SilverSneakers can open the door to conditioning classes and exercise equipment, along with a pool, sauna and other amenities qualifying fitness centers near you might have.  There are also SilverSneakers classes designed for older adults who want to improve balance, endurance, flexibility and strength.  Plus, special health education events and specially trained Program Advisors are available at various gyms.  You can also take advantage of members-only online support to help you lose weight, quit smoking or reduce stress.

SilverSneakers Provides Benefits Beyond Fitness

According to SilverSneakers’ study of more than 9,000 members, having this benefit reduced sedentary behavior in members that put them at high-risk of disease by 59 percent.  SilverSneakers representatives say their members use preventive health care more often and need hospital care less often than the general population.

Members like Wayne and Marie Field know that’s true. “Before joining the YMCA, we lived in a retirement home where lots of folks were just sitting around waiting to die,” according to Wayne. “We moved out of that situation and have made friends here that are also interested in being active and healthy and in better physical condition,” he explained.

That social aspect can be life-changing.  At a YMCA, Becky Cleveland coordinates the active adults program.  She noted that the center has many dedicated SilverSneakers members who do more than get fit together.  “We have a SilverSneakers breakfast once a week as well as knitting groups, bridge groups and other activities,” she said.

If no-cost fitness center memberships sound good to you and you’d like an extra avenue to connect and stay fit with others your own age, ask us how you may be able to get a plan that offers SilverSneakers benefits.

Wiley Long is founder and president of Medigap Advisors, and is passionate about helping people navigate the confusing waters of Medicare. He is the author of The Medicare Playbook: Designing Your Successful Health Coverage Strategy, a clear and simple explanation so you can make the most of your Medicare coverage. For more information visit www.MediGapAdvisors.com.