medicare coverageNow that the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) has officially opened its doors, so to speak, it seems as if there are more questions than answers for America’s senior citizens. There is a lot of confusion about how the ACA is going to change Medicare, and many of you have concerns about whether or not your coverage is going to change.
Fred Adams, our top expert regarding Medicare, will be hosting a webinar on October 14. During this webinar, he will address many of the primary concerns that many of our clients have expressed. In addition, he will present you with different strategies to help lower your health care costs and will explain the different changes Medicare will be undergoing in the next few years.
Budget Cuts
One of the primary issues Fred will be addressing is the budget cuts that will be taking place over the next several years. There is an estimated $135 billion being cut from the Medicare Advantage program within the next sixyears. These funds will be diverted to help fund health care reform for younger individuals who are not yet eligible for Medicare.
Also, health insurance companies who offer Medicare Advantage plans will be losing approximately $7 billion in reimbursements to medical service providers.
These cuts to the budget will have a significant impact on the number of physicians who are willing to be Medicare providers. Some will leave the program due to a lack of reasonable and appropriate reimbursement. For the same reason, some new physicians will be unwilling to become Medicare providers. This could create a real crisis in terms of providing you access to quality health care that is also affordable.
Prescription Drugs
Another important subject of the webinar will be that of prescription drugs and how they will be covered under the new ACA mandates. For example, there are some positive changes for seniors such as the projected closing of the coverage gap or “donut hole.” There are also possible negative changes as well, like the loss of Plan F gap coverage.
This is especially important as prescription drugs are one of the highest medical expenses for seniors everywhere. Changes in coverage could definitely create serious problems for you if the expense becomes too great. In fact, there are already stories of people on a limited income who choose to go without filling their prescriptions because of the costs. This is not something we want to see happen to anyone.
Basic Medicare Facts
In addition to specific issues that you as Medicare recipients will be dealing with as the Affordable Care Act continues to move forward, Mr. Adams will also talk briefly about the history of Medicare—why it was originally created and how it was intended to be used. Knowing the original intent and seeing how far away from that goal the system has become will open your eyes to how important it is for you to become a knowledgeable health care consumer.
This is vital information for seniors, as many people simply do not know enough about the program and its benefits (and drawbacks) to makeinformed decisions. This, coupled with the myriad changes that health care reform is bringing about, can leave some folks unnecessarily vulnerable.
About MediGap Advisors
If you are not yet familiar with our company, we are a team of experienced insurance professionals who share the common goal of helping you save money on your health care costs. Whether it is through helping you decide which Medicare supplement or Medicare Advantage plan is right for you or helping you navigate through the changes that health care reform is going to bring about, we are committed to helping you understand insurance and want to make things as simple for you as possible.
If you are 65 and older and are already on Medicare, or if you soon will be, we are confident you’ll get a lot of good out of our webinar on October 14. If you are the family member or caregiver of someone who is on Medicare, this will also provide insight and information that will help you provide support to your loved one.
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In addition to the information you will be provided during our October 14 webinar, you will also be given the opportunity to participate in a question and answer period. We want to make sure you understand completely what Health Care Reform means for your own personal situation.
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