Adult Vision Not Covered Under ACAHave poor eyesight? Are you finding that your vision is getting worse with each passing year? Do you need a stronger prescription each time you visit the optometrist? If so, you’ve probably been hoping that Obamacare would help you get your eyesight taken care of at an affordable price.
If you were 18 or younger, that would be the case. However, although the ACA mandates that 10 essential benefits—benefits considered essential to the health and wellbeing of an individual—be included in every plan offered from now on, and though children’s vision is considered an essential benefit under Obamacare, adult vision care is not generally covered by Medicare or Obamacare. So, how does lack of vision coverage affect you?
As we grow older, the odds of maintaining good eyesight grow less and less in our favor. Cataracts affect approximately 22 million adults over the age of 40 in the United States each year, while it is estimated that over half of Americans over age 80 have cataracts. More than 2 million Americans 50 years and over have advanced AMD—age-related muscular degeneration—a condition that inevitably leads to severe vision impairment. This condition only grows more prevalent as we age.
If you are lucky enough to have beat these odds, you still need to take into consideration that with each passing year, our eyes become more and more prone to age-related decline—and the decline only increases after age 60. For information on age-related vision changes—and to truly grasp the importance of vision coverage in old age—read on:

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