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Cigna Health & Life Insurance Co.

About Cigna

Since 1982, Cigna has been serving over 86 million global customers. The company works to provide coverage to prevent as well as treat disease and injury, all at an affordable price. In 2014, they ranked #97 on the Fortune 500 list, but despite their massive size, it is a company goal to make their services personal to each individual customer.

Supplemental Insurance Plans

Cigna offers five supplemental plans : Accident Expense, Lump Sum Cancer, Lump Sum Heart Attack & Stroke, Cancer Treatment, and Individual Whole Life.

  • Accident Expense: This plan will pay for any costs you might incur while you recover from an accident. You pay a monthly premium, and choose a maximum annual benefit amount.
  • Lump Sum Cancer: If you are diagnosed with cancer, this plan gives you a lump sum cash benefit. Your policy is renewable for life.
  • Lump Sum Heart Attack & Stroke: If you have a heart attack or stroke, you get a lump sum cash benefit. Like with the Lump Sum Cancer plan, your policy is guaranteed to be renewable your whole life.
  • Cancer Treatment: You get cash benefits for cancer treatments when you’re sick.
  • Individual Whole Life: This plan will help pay for funeral expenses, as well as help cover any outstanding loans and contribute to any grandchildren’s education.

Medicare Supplement Solutions

Insured by American Retirement Life Insurance and Loyal America Life Insurance, these plans are designed to help you pay any gaps in Part B coverage. These plans are known as Medigap plans, and Cigna offers four:

  • CHLIC: Available only in certain states, benefits of this plan include a high-deductible plan F coverage. To learn more about Medigap plan differences, visit the Medigap Plan Benefits grid.
  • Final Expense Plan: This is a whole-life, final expense plan.
  • New Cigna Final Expense Plan: This is a new plan available in 44 states. There are levels to this plan, like Level Benefit or Modified Benefit.
  • Cigna Substandard Medicare Supplement: Will accept conditions like COPD, diabetes, and angina. Will expand to Loyal American in 2016.


If you have any questions about Cigna’s supplemental insurance plans, Medigap plans, or Medigap in general, don’t hesitate to call an MGA Personal Benefits Manager at 800-913-3416. We’ll be able to give you more detailed information about Cigna Health & Life Insurance Co (CHLIC), which plans are available in your state, and more.

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