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Medicare Advantage Made Easy

Your Complete Guide to Medicare Advantage Plans

When you are eligible for Medicare, you are entitled to some choices in how you receive those benefits.  In 2012, Health and Human Services said people had an average of 26 different Advantage plans available in most counties.

Medicare Advantage Made Easy

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How to Limit Your Annual Cost for Health Care

Did you know that Medicare does not have any limit on how much you may have to spend on health care each year?  Medicare Advantage plans will limit the most you could have to pay out-of-pocket for health care.

When to Find Low Premium Plans

Think the cost of Medicare plans goes up every year?  In 2012, Advantage plan premiums actually decreased from the 2011 rates.  With federal subsidies, certain Advantage plans are available with $0 premiums, but you do pay Part B premiums when you have one of these plans.

How to Make Medicare Cover More

Do you need hearing aids or eyeglasses?  Even though Medicare rarely helps with either, Advantage plans do.  Many also help with prescriptions and dental care.  So, why doesn’t everyone switch from original Medicare to an Advantage plan?

Why You Need to Be Sure Seeing Your Doctor Is Covered

During an emergency, a Medicare Advantage plan will cover care from any provider.  In other situations, your coverage will probably be restricted to in-network doctors. 

Don’t Let Health Problems Stop You from Getting a Medicare Plan

Your application for a Medicare Advantage plan is guaranteed to be accepted regardless of any pre-existing health problem except end-stage renal disease (ESRD).  There is a type of Advantage plan known as a Special Needs Plan for ESRD that’s specifically designed for this condition, but these plans are not universally available.

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